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        2. Solution
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          Meter Administration

          Concentrator Administration

          Monitoring of System Components Replacement History

          Monitoring of Command and Parameter History of System Components

          Defining of Roles and Users/User Groups

          Access Control to System Components and AMR Centre

          Administration of reporting functions of AMI Centre

          Regular Automatic Backup of All Data At the Desired Time

          Data Reading/Collection and Archiving

          Reading of Individual Concentrator/meter

          Reading of the Group of Concentrators/Meters

          Automated Reading According to the Sequence

          Reading On Request

          Periodical Reading on Request

          Special Reading on Request

          Data collected automatically according to the sequence set in advance include the following

          Daily Register Values

          Meter States

          Electricity Quality Log

          Event Log

          Load Profile

          Hourly Register Values

          State of Monthly Accounting Registers

          Time and Date

          Data collected from the meter on request including:

          Effective Voltage Values Per Phases At the Moment of Reading

          Effective Current Values Per Phases At the Moment of Reading

          Current Power – (Load Power At the Moment of Reading)

          Tariff Programmer

          Integration Period for 15-Minute Maximum Power

          Consumption Management Parameters

          Parameters for Voltage Thresholds Within Electricity Quality Log

          Parameters or Time Intervals of Profiles

          Parameters for Registers Within Profiles

          Parameters Related to the Presentation On Meter Display

          Archive States of Accounting Registers

          Current State of Bi-stabile Switch

          Meter Software Version

          Factory Number and Type of Meter

          Data read according to the sequence from the concentrator including:

          Statistics of Communication / Emergency and Regular Reports

          Data read from the concentrator upon the request including:

          Concentrator Data Archive

          Reading Programmes/Sequences

          Management/Parameterisation Programmes/Sequences

          Programmes/Sequences Execution Priorities

          Communication Routes

          Concentrator Response Time and Frequency Parameters

          Communication Parameters of the Concentrator

          Current Date and Time

          Other Concentrator Parameters

          Concentrator Software Version

          Records on Concentrator Parameter Changes and Adjustments

          Reporting functions

          Reports with Analysis of Statuses and Alarms

          Reports on Electricity Quality

          Reports Related to Parameterization and Management

          Communication Reports

          Control Reports

          Reports Generated by the Concentrator

          Data and Information Exchange with Other Information Systems and Subsystems of Electric Utility
          Robust protocol library for various types of DCUs and electronic energy meters, DLMS/COSEM, IEC61870-5-102 compliant

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